Why I speak

by Brendon on May 19, 2005

No, it’s not because I like the sound of my own voice!
I speak occassionally to business groups, business students, etc on a range of topics.
Here’s the real reason I speak
I speak because it’s good for my business. It gets me perceived as an expert. It helps get our name out there. And it helps to generate some interest in what we do.
(Having said all that, I also do it because I think the speeches are very useful and entertaining. I just love public speaking.)
Now in a business like mine, it’s important that we have some recognition. Sure, we’ve won awards, have the high profile clients, etc but there is nothing like a professional services firm like ours actually getting out and about and meeting people.
And being positioned as recognised authorities in our field is also a terrific bonus.
Here are some other ways to aid your credibility within your market:
* PR campaign
* Develop information products
* Write articles
* Write a book
* Run a seminar
* Have an informative web site
* Write a newsletter
We do all of those. And they work well. They can work for you too.

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