How we got a great testimonial from a happy client

by Brendon on May 18, 2005

We received a beautiful testimonial from a client today telling saying how thrilled they were with our work and how heartily they recommend us.
And here’s the secret for receiving great testimonials
Ask. Yep, just ask your happy clients for a testimonial. They will be, I’m sure, happy to oblige.
Then you do this
1. Frame the letter (ask them to type out the testimonials and not to fold the paper)
2. Bang a nail in your office wall
3. Hang the testimonial with all your others where clients can see it when they come into your office
4. Let the client know what you’ve done
5. And say “Thanks” for the testimonial
We’ve just done all that. Frame cost me $5. So for $5 this has happened.
1. The client received a positive and nice contact from us.
2. The client reminded themselves what a great job we did.
3. The client was acknowledged by us as being an important part of our business.
4. The client was made aware that we treat our testimonial letters with respect by framing and hanging them. That makes our client feel great.
5. The client was thanked – another positive contact.
6. Our credibility is raised in the eyes of prospects as they walk into the office (Our “Brag Wall” is located smack bang in front of the sofa in the reception area).
7. We’ll now use that testimonial in our newsletters and on our web site.
It’s not just a testimonial letter. It can be a whole lot more. Use your resources to their fullest extent.

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