The 2 best things I’ve ever done

by Brendon on May 20, 2005

Howdy. Hope all is well…
I spoke with an Accountant client yesterday and I asked him what the 2 best things were that he ever did for his business. After quite a bit of thought, this is what he said:
1. Realised that business wouldn’t come to him, he had to go and get it. For him that involved lots of lead generation, advertising and making himself known throughout his local business community.
2. Realised that people buy based on how they feel about you. Not once has anyone ever asked him the marks he received on his University exams. Building rapport is critical for selling yourself. And once you sell yourself, then you’ll win the business.
If someone asked you the same question – “What are the 2 best things you have ever done for your business, what would be the answer?” – what would your answer be?

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