Target your exact market

by Brendon on May 21, 2005

Had a meeting with a fellow today who found us through an ad in the newspaper on Wednesday. I’ll call him Bob (because that’s his name – I never get sick of that joke!) Sorry if you are! 😉
Bob is the exact sort of client we like to get. Bob is a no BS sort of guy. He’s blunt, to the point and, when he trusts you, will just say “Do it” and that’s it.
Bob liked our ad
Bob liked our ad. The fairly blunt message appealed to him. So he rang.
And that’s great. Because Bob is the exact sort of person we are targeting with our advertising.
When we look at our best clients they are people like Bob. Down to earth, blunt, no BS.
Some people like our ads, some people hate our ads. But it doesn’t matter. Our best clients are people like Bob – so that’s who we write our ads for. And we attracted people like Bob. And that’s exactly what we want.
* Who are your best customers?
* Who are your most profitable?
* What do they have in common?
How can you market to them?

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