Stop your marketing completely

by Brendon on May 4, 2005

Okay. What is your brand?
Everything. Your brand is everything. From your uniform to the way you answer the phone to your packaging to your ads. Every single thing your business does is part of your brand.
It impacts on how your customers see you now and in the future.
Me? If this web site is the only contact you’ve ever had with me, then this site brands me in your mind. You have perceptions about me from this interaction. Hopefully they’re good. Maybe you don’t like my writing style and your percepotion is negative. Whatever the case may be – I’m branded!
Which is why you should stop your marketing completely.
What I want you to do is this…..
Get everything right. Make sure that everytime your customer interacts with you they get a great experience. No problems, no errors, no mistakes, no dislikes.
Because the last thing you want is this:
Your marketing works great. Thousands of customers flock to your business. But………………………..they all get a bad experience. That’s bad news. Real bad.
That hurts you as a brand. And that hurts your business now and in the future.
Get your brand right before you market. It could be the best thing you ever do.

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