Get Pretty!

by Brendon on May 3, 2005

I’ve written about this before in the SitePoint Tribune newsletter and copped a hammering from readers disgusted with me for even bringing it up. In that instance I quoted from a survey that found that more attractive people get paid more and get more respect from workmates.
It’s a universal trend – overweight people get less promotion, tall people get paid more on average, better looking people are assumed to be smarter, etc.
I’ve just been reading a similar study that found that even parents discriminate on the basis of the attractiveness of their children.
Click here for the article.
It’s Simple
It’s simple. In business, if you want to win more jobs your personal presentation (cleanliness, grooming, dress, etc) must be fabulous.
If you look bad (unclean, badly dressed, etc) you won’t win as many jobs.
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