Stick with it. And believe.

by Brendon on April 25, 2005

I was recently reading a magazine that one of our client’s was featured in. The magazine also carried an article on a successful businessman (worth $200 million). It was an intersting read.
I’ll be doing some public speaking later on this year, and one of the speeches I’ve prepared concerns perseverance. This successful businessman talked about it extensively.
But when should you stop and close down your business. Is it futile to continue on with the same old, same old if your business is in the toilet and sinking deeper every minute? Surely there must be a time to stop and think “This is crazy. I’m losing heaps of money, maybe I should shut up shop.”
And then there is a time to go on
And hereiun lies the issue.
As an entrepreneur you have to believe totally in your business for it to succeed. There are no half measures. If you didn’t have total faith, then you wouldn’t have started the business. You have to keep going!
The only time to stop is when they carry you off in that little wooden box!
Maybe more people would be successful if they didn’t have that stubborness or belief. But then again, maybe less people would be successful if they quit at the very first sign of trouble.
This is one of those questions there is no real answer to (But I’ll say that you have to fight, fight, fight to the bitter end! You believe in your dream and have to keep going!).

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