Cheers – how an American sitcom demonstrates a great marketing lesson

by Brendon on April 24, 2005

‘Cheers’ was a fictional bar in (I think) Boston that was the scene of an American sitcom a few years ago. As the jingle went, at ‘Cheers’ “…..everybody knows your name.” Customers love it when people remember their name. It makes a very psoitive impression.
I was interviewing some staff of a business recently and it just happened that they had previously been customers of the business, then went elsewhere and then came back to remain loyal customers. They both then went on to become staff members.
My question was, “What made you return and stay as a customer?”
Both responses were the same. “Because when I walked in the staff remembered my name. And that’s when I thoiught this is a business that cares and a business I want to deal with.”
Many people dismiss the simpole things in marketing and business as having a big impact. But it’s the little things that matter.
Do you know your customer’s names? What about their parterners? Or children? Or hobbies? Taking an interest means you care. And a caring business will sell more than a non-caring one.

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