I’m so busy!

by Brendon on April 26, 2005

I’m real busy at the moment. My flight back from Sydney got in just over an hour ago. I had a million things to do when I got in. I’m real tired and ready for bed. I have clients waiting for things and I cannot believe how busy we are.
To top all that off, Jo is on holidays. Makes it even busier.
Still reading???? I would have stopped after the heading!
Go on, admit it…….you don’t care about how busy I am, or how tired I am, or how hot. You’re here for information. And that’s fine.
As someone providing you with a product (information via this web site) I need to be completely focused on you. And meeting your needs. Basically you’re thinking “What’s in it for me?”
Customers don’t care about us
Customers don’t care about us as businesspeople. All they are interested in is what you can give them. And it’s on that point we have to be ruthless.
* Let’s make it easy to find us and our business.
* Let’s make it as easy as possible for our customer to get the exact information they need before buying.
* Let’s make it as easy as possible to buy from us and our business.
In other words, let’s talk about them and their problems. And then give them exactly what they want. because if we do, we’ll be successful.
And before I go, I’ll talk about how we can make things as easy as possible for our customers to buy.
2 words: Visa ads.
Without being rude (!!) – you just know I’m about to be rude now! – just how stupid are those businesspeople who get on those ads and say proudly, “We don’t accept American Express.”
What they are basically saying is this. “I ain’t that smart. So what I do is put obstacles in the way for people who want to buy from me. I make it hard, tough and damn difficult. I say to a good percentage of my customers – “Nope. I don’t want your money.””
That’s not making it easy for your customers to buy from you. That’s just being stupid.
Have a good one.

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