Socialising with clients

by Brendon on June 8, 2005

I went out for dinner on Friday night with client. Saturday was dinner again with other clients.
One of the questions I get asked is “How do I build the relationship with my client?”
Provide solutions
Well, the main way is to provide solutions for their problems. That’s what every business is about.
In a service business like ours, we find we deal with our clients quite a lot one on one and, more often than not, we’ll get on really well with our clients. And I’ll invite the ones we get on well with to golf or dinner or whatever.
Not for the business
It’s not a cynical attempt to get more business. It’s simply because we get on well with the person. I guess a result of that is we strengthen the working relationship because we get to know each other a little better and can communicate more easily.
And that results in a better service for the client.
Lots in common
After all, we generally have a lot in common with our clients. We both are in business which is a huge common bond.
So socialise with your clients not because its good for business, but because it’s good to get out there and enjoy life. Sure, it helps your business, but don’t make that your primary motivation otherwise you’ll come across as just plain boring (and fake).

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