I know stuff

by Brendon on June 7, 2005

I know lots of stuff.
It’s a public holiday here on the Gold Coast. I’ve come on into the office to catch up on some reading and a few other bits and pieces.
Because of the type of business I’m in I’m constantly researching. In the past month I’ve purchased 17 e-books (so my wife told me when she went through the credit card bill).
Right now I’m reading a web page of a guy trying to sell his search engine marketing e-book. Not sure if I’ll buy but I’ve learnt a couple lof things – how to write a better sales letter, a better way to demonstrate an online product and much more.
In the sales letter on the site this guy talks about how he made over $10,000 in sale the first month he was operating. That sounds impressive, right?
And then I thought about a site that we are working with at the moment. And we’ve done well. Real well.
The client has had nothing to do with it!
We’ve done a site for a client where it was a case of “Here Brendon, you design, develop and market the site. We’ll just fill the orders.” (The site sells a product you’ll find in many stores.)
The site was launched at the end of June.
First month sales: $19,280 (US$)
So far this month: $23,495 (US$)
Today’s sales so far: $1,885 (US$)
The reason we’ve been able to achieve those sales is because I know stuff.
* And I know stuff because I keep reading and reading.
* I subscribe to online newsletter by the hundreds.
* I’m a member of online forums.
* I subscribe to something like 12 off-line magazines.
* I’m immersed in the industry.
To be successful…….
Part of being successful is knowing more than the next guy. And that sometimes means coming into work on a public holiday and working alone (actually I have Van Morrison on the CD player keeping me company).
Just read all of the above and I sound like a bit of a “I know everything” tosser. And although I am (!!) the motivation for the post is to try and get that long-winded point across that it’s knowledge that makes the difference.
Keeping reading, keep searching and keep testing.

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