Quantify What You Do

by Brendon on June 2, 2005

I’ve just mentioned on the Tailored blog (entry for 1 June 2005) a client whose web site has had great success since we launched.
It’s a holiday resort web site that can take bookings online (we do quite a few of these).
Now, the next time we pitch for a holiday resort web site we’ll have a huge advantage. And here’s why:
Here’s some numbers:
The client whose site we redid has 10 apartments with a particular wholesalers all year round. They basically sell the apartments to these people for 75% of retail and the wholesale can sell the apartment on for an much as they can get.
The average rental for the apartment is $150 per night (so my client, the Manager of the resort, only gets $112.50 per apartment).
Quantifying the Benefit Of The Web Site
Because of the huge success of the web site already, my client is looking at terminating the wholesaler contract because he now knows he can fill the apartments himself at the full retail rate.
Let’s say he does. That’s an extra $37.50 per night. Multiple that by 10 rooms. And then multiple that by 365 days.
My client stands to make an extra $136,875 profit in one year because the web site is working well. That’s not taking into account the fact that the web site is doing more business for him than that already.
Quantify the benefits of the web site you are proposing if at all possible (and prove it with facts and figures and testimonials). You’ll increase your chances of making the sale 10-fold.

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