The client rang to complain

by Brendon on June 3, 2005

This one is going to sound like a self-congratulatory/promotion post, but I’m sure you can live with it because it has a message.
I had a call yesterday from Cath. Cath is the manager of one of our resorts that we have done a web site for. Cath is an old client (Cath, if you’re reading this I mean you have been with us for a while. You actually look younger every day.) who sold the management rights of her last resort about a year ago.
5 months ago Cath (and her husband) purchased the management rights to the resort they are now in. After settling in, Cath gave us a call to come and have a look at the web site.
The web site had not generated a booking in the first 3 months of Cath taking over the business (the web site had been going for a year or 2).
We did our magic (!) and launched the new site just under 4 weeks ago.
Cath rang me today to complain about the performance of the web site!
“Brendon, I’m ringing to complain about what the web site is doing.”
I knew she was leading into a joke, because I knew what the web site was doing.
“The web site is giving us so much business that I’ve overbooked the resort for the first time!”
The web site has done particulars well – just as an example, Cath had 3 web site bookings on Tuesday and 4 yesterday. Remember, that’s after 0 bookings in 3 1/3 months. (I keep telling you I’m good!)
Now that’s all good, of course. Cath is a happy customer and she’ll help us grow our business for the future.
As a businessperson I need to look at how I can exploit (quite the wrong word) Cath’s satisfaction with us to ensure the continuing success of our business.
* We’ll be getting a framed photo of the resort for our ‘Brag Wall’
* We’ll be adding Cath’s testimonial to our brochure, our ads and our ‘Testimonials’ page we give new clients/prospects
* We’ll ask Cath for referrals
* We’ll send out a media release announcing the success of the site
* We write some of the process up as a case study and provide it to an industry magazine
Cath’s a happy client and that’s great. Now we need to leverage that to help us continue to grow the business.

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