Giving away information

by Brendon on June 1, 2005

Howdy. Hope you day has gone well.
I had a lovely lunch in Brisbane this afternoon. The food was a bit ordinary, but the beer was cold. And that’s all you really want in a lunch!
I was having a chat this afternoon with a client who had been reading the blog. He asked me if I gave away too much information on the web site – after all, with the info provided, couldn’t people just go off and do it themselves without paying us?
I guess the answer is yes. But I don’t think that happens too often. As much information as we provide to our clients and on this web site, we don’t provide it all. We’d be crazy to.
I’ll give you an example
As you might know we have a number of holiday resort clients. In examining the statistics of the resorts side by side yesterday, Jo and I identified a very important aspect related to the web site visitors.
This is something that we’ve just started testing today and if we’re right, and I’m 90% sure we are, the knowledge we have about marketing resort web sites is hugely valuable. In a conversation with a client today we established that knowing what we now know would result, after about 10 minutes work on his site, in a benefit of about $50,000 per year.
That’s big, big money.
So the question I have to ask myself is this:
1. Should I tell prospective clients this very valuable information in an effort to demonstrate my expertise?
2. Or should I keep this information to myself until such time as the person engages our expertise?
The answer: Not too sure. At this stage I’ll be holidng onto the information. And thinking. (I can’t say to a prospective client – “Employ us because I know a secret!” Sounds like I’m back in Primary School).
Don’t be afraid to demonstrate your expertise with clients. But you don’t need to spell out the nuts and bolts of how you will achieve the results for your client.

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