Meet and greet

by Brendon on May 17, 2005

I went to see a client make a speech yesterday to a business group in a place called Brisbane. Brisbane is a lovely city about 100 kilometres from where I live.
The lunch was lovely, the speech went over well and I had a chat to a few people.
From that one little lunch I have 2 good leads for business. I’m not surprised. It’s how it often works.
People do business with people they like
People will do business with people they like. And they can’t like you if they don’t know you.
If you only want to do one marketing startegy for the week, then do this: Get out of the office and start going to lunches, golf days, whatever. Whatever gets you in front of businesspeople/your clients in a relaxed social setting.
Because only then can you make the contacts you need.
I’ve never been a big fan of the ‘networking’ functions. If they’re called a networking function, what they inevitably are is a function where everyone is there trying to sell themselves. If it’s a relaxed social situation then you can develop the relationship the way you want.
Have a good day.

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