Wow! I do know what I’m talking about!

by Brendon on May 16, 2005

We’ve just won a job for a web site with one of our exisiting clients. We’ve already completed one web site for them, now they need a new web site for a different part of the business.
The clients, a delightful and funny couple, mentioned that the last web site development went a little long because we got their opinion too much.
“You guys are the experts. Tell us what we should do rather than ask us what we want.”
Web development does need to be a consultative thing. But the client is really paying for your expertise. So we need, as web developers, to provide solutions and recommendations based on our experience and expertise. That’s what we are there for.
The client hit the nail on the head. We had spoken about it in the office when we were reviewing how we could have provided a better experience for the client last time.
And to then have our client mention it really brought it home.
The client wants an expert. Be that expert.

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