I’ve finally done it!

by Brendon on April 3, 2005

Our web division completes quite a number of web sites. We have 12 on the go at the moment.
One of the more time consuming aspects of that part of the business is developing detailed proposals for potential clients to consider. By the time we meet with the client and establish their wants and needs, then move on to strategy, tactics and how we might develop the web site, our costs can be quite significant.
I’ve been trying to think of ways to provide the quote without needing to provide the exhaustive proposal (a document that takes up to 6 hours to develop). I can often make the pitch for the web site in a 20-minute conversation – and be a lot more effective than a document.
So that’s what I have just done
I’ve talked to the client about the web site wants and needs. I then quoted the price.
I then told him if that sounds like the best solution for him, then let us know and we’ll move forward and develop the full proposal so that what he receives is well documented. After all, it makes no sense to spend 6 hours on developing a proposal that might get a cursory glance and a quick “No”.
Now this isn’t the perfect solution, but it is a start. Better for the client, better for us. Cheaper for the client, cheaper for us. Everyone wins!
Is what you are doing the best way to do business? Or are you doing it just because it’s what everyone else in the industry is doing?

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