Would you like sugar with that? How attention to detail impresses

by Brendon on April 4, 2005

Attention to detail and personalising your customers experience can be a very positive thing. I’ll give you a little story of what happened in our office on Friday that impressed me and the client.
A client came in for a meeting. She had been in before.
Instead of offering her a “Coffee, tea or cold drink?”, Bianka said “It’s a coffee isn’t it, with skim milk and 1 sugar?”
The client was amazed that Bianka had remembered her drink preferences from 3 months ago. She was mightly impressed. And so was I.
But it turns out that Bianka hasn’t actually got such a good memory. Bianka’s just smart. Every time a client comes in and has a drink, their preference is noted down in the database. And then referred to when that same client comes in next.
How can you personalise your customer’s experience? Little things matter and they matter a lot. Because people want to feel special – and anything we can do as businesspeople helps our cause.

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