I’m a Hottie!

by Brendon on March 5, 2005

The good thing about having small children is that you can generally teach them to say whatever you want. In my case the question is, “Am I good looking?”
Each and every one (makes it sound like I have 100 children, but I only have 3) of my children respond with “You’re a hottie Dad!”
That’s despite the fact that I look like Shrek!
Business is rocking along at the moment with new clients coming in all directions. We are currently doing something like 15 web sites, have picked up some decent sized and interesting marketing jobs, as well as some great PR work. With all this business coming in, we have lots of meetings with clients.
And I’ve noticed something very interesting. What have you noticed Brendon? We’ll, I’m glad you asked. I’ve noticed this:
I dress better when I know I’ll be meeting with clients or potential clients. I usually dress well for the office, but with the finishing off of my book (it’s now at the printers) over the past few months taking long, long hours I found that I was not dressing quite as well as I could.
When I dress well, something happens.
I feel like I’m in a costume. Well, not really a costume, but I feel a little like I have a part to play – an expectation to meet (that’s the phrase I was looking for!).
When I dress really well I am treated differently. I certainly feel different. And I act differently. Because there is an expectation with my appearance I’m perceived differently. I feel more confident. And, partly due to my appearance, it’s as though I am somehow more credible and believable.
It’s as though, when you think (even us Shrek-looking people know we don’t look that good!) you look great, you can draw some sort of strength or confidence from yourself. It’s as though it is coming from an external source (your clothes or appearance) when it is really coming from you.
What about you?
When you look and feel great, do you feel more confident? More in control? More optimistic?
I’d be willing to bet that you do. Come on and join me in looking your absolute best each and every day. Then grab that enthusiasm and confidence that comes with it and make the best of yourself, your business, your life!
Try it for a week and see how you go. You could be amazed by the results.
(from ww.tailored.com.au – posted July 2003)

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