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by Brendon on March 5, 2005

For any web designers/web developers reading this, of the 15 web sites we are doing at the moment, we have got the leads almost exclusively through word of mouth. 14 out of the 15 have been referred by family/friends/clients.
* We won another site today – referral.
* We’ll get another one tomorrow – referral.
* Then another one early next week – newspaper ad.
* Then another one I’m 90% sure of winning- referral.
That will be 19 sites in a couple of weeks, 17 being referred by others.
If you are a web developer, generate as much word of mouth business as possible. It’s the best (and cheapest) way to get a new client. How we mainly do it is:
a) keep in regular touch with our clients and ask them for referrals
b) send newsletters to clients/prospects/friends/etc letting them know of any successes, what we are doing now, etc.
We also reward any person who sends a prospect our way – maybe a bottle of wine, dinner or a show.
And I’ve had some interesting chats with non-businesspeople who see that as a bribe. I think that’s a crazy view. If someone sends a friend to my business with a terrific recommendation to use us, that person is putting food on my table, heat in my house and paying for the roof over my head.
I want to say “Thanks friend! We take great pride in providing a great service and I appreciate your recognising that and helping us to succeed. Here’s a bottle of wine as my way of saying thanks.”
It would be rude not to says “Thanks.”
So, ask for referrals from clients, friends and family. When someone helps you get a client, say thanks. It’s good manners. My mum taught me that.
(posted on July 2003)

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