A good question……..and I hope it was an ok answer

by Brendon on May 31, 2005

Hello again.
A guy at lunch today asked me what it costs to set up a web site for a business. I gave him what I call my politicians answer:
“Well, it all depends on what you want the site to do, how many pages you’ll have, what interactive functions you’ll have, if the site has a newsletter, how you intend to market it, your level of understanding……..”
Yep. I rambled on without giving a clear answer. But the answer I gave is the only true one. I also mentioned this to the guy:
“The important thing is finding the right web developer. You can find a kid with no experience or skills to do your web site for $100. But if you want it done properly you need a guy like me. Blah, blah, blah.”
But that is the important bit – finding the right developer
And it’s not easy. Because of the technical nature of web development work, it’s easy to get bamboolzed in the language. That kid starting out can talk a good game. But that’s the thing.
He has to be able to talk a good game.
And he has to be able to demonstrate (via examples, testimonials and analysis) that what he says is true.
That’s really the only way to know.
We can all demonstrate our expertise via testimonials. They’re great for demonstrating your expertise and you have the added benefit of having a third party endorsement (and that’s important to allay the clients fears about selecting you).

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