Does PR Work For Web Developers

by Brendon on August 11, 2005

A few weeks back Anthony, the team’s web programmer and all round computer guru, wandered into the office and asked if PR worked. We’d just had a story on me in the local newspaper and we hadn’t generated any calls.
My answer to Anthony was simple: PR is a cumulative thing. Keep getting your face out there in the community and things will start to happen.
This was my day yesterday.
9.30 am – meeting with a client after we’d finished his web site
11.00 am – 20 minute radio show
12 midday – meet with client to present a pitch
1 p.m – meet with a client to discuss the needs and wants regarding his upcoming web site
3 pm – meet with client to discuss the development of his new site
4 pm – meet with PR company who gave me 2 magazines I am featured in this month. Business Acumen and Life Gold Coast.
5 pm – drive an hour and 20 minutes to outer suburbs of Brisbane (110 kms away) to give a speech to a group of 30 businesspeople (Rotary Club)
I was home by 9.30 pm.
Results So Far
We received 3 calls after the radio show from people who want to meet and chat regarding web sites.
I’ve received 2 leads from the Business Acumen article.
And 2 strong leads from the speech.
That’s 7 excellent leads – all because these people have become aware of me through a constant PR campaign.
PR works and works well. Can it be part of your marketing mix?

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