Focus on the customers – don’t give them headaches

by Brendon on April 23, 2005

I’m giving the following examples not to say that we’re better than anyone else, but just as an example of what a customer focus is.
To be successful you need to meet your customers needs. Might be price, might be quality, might be service. You’re in business for the customer – so do everything you can to meet that customers needs.
On Friday morning I asked, on behalf of a client, for some graphics from my clients graphic artist. The answer I got back was that the person in charge of that account had left for the day and was at a conference. And because another artist had alread left for the conference the business was 2 down and too busy.
“We’ll send them Tuesday”
We needed the files urgently and the graphic artist pretty much said, “Doesn’t suit us. We’ll send them Tuesday.”
Today (Saturday) I visited a client and downloaded a piece of software onto her computer and showed her the basics of using it. It took me an hour and a half.
But my client really needed that software on her computer. And if it wasn’t put on today it would be another week before she had the chance to give me access to her computer. No biggie really.
Our business is customer focused. We don’t get it right every single time, but we have to have a commitment to making life as easy as possible for our clients. It’s not rocket science.
Our clients wants solutions, not problems.
If sending your employees off to a conference means you’re clients will suffer, don’t do it. If you have to go in on a day off to help a client, maybe you should.
It’s all about the client.

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