“Why should we pick you to develop our web site?”

by Brendon on July 12, 2005

That’s a great question. And a question I get fairly often – though it’s not always put that way…..but that’s what the person in front of me is trying to get at.
The Truth
The truth is there are a good number of decent web developers about. Finding them is the tricky bit of course because we’ll all say we’re the best. So we need to be able to differentiate ourselves from the rest.
Here’s my effort at answering that question and differentiating what we do (Part 1 anyway):
1. Experience
You see we’re not just web designers or developers. We’re also web owners. Pretty unique in the world of web designers.
And I’d guess that very few people have had the experience we’ve had over the past few years.
One site exploded with sales after a major current affairs show featured it. We went from 1 sale a day to 5,000 a day.
Dealing with the logistics of that gives you very valuable experience.
Another site we have went from $0 to $10,000 a day in sales in just 12 weeks.
What that means for our clients is this:
* We know what works (saving you possibly years and $000’s in waste)
* We test everything (and we know what to test)
* We’re very results driven (we know it’s about business. It’s always been about business. The prettiest site doesn’t win. The site working to its full potential does.)
2. Credentials
This is the risky bit. I don’t want to sound like a complete clown, but I probably do need to express some details about myself and the Tailored team.
We’ve been in the web game for close on seven- (7) years now. After working with one of Australia’s leading designers for a couple of years I was frustrated with the focus on design at, it seemed to me anyway, the expense of the web site being functional, useful and effective.
Since then my business has developed hundreds of web sites. Most of them successful. Some hugely successful. Some not so good.
Some small sites, some huge sites. Some simple sites, some hugely sophisticated sites.
We research and immerse ourselves in the technology. A good portion of our time here is spent investigating the latest standards or innovations on the web.
As the writer of one of the world’s biggest web master e-newsletters (130,000+ subscribers) I have access to a huge amount of data relevant to the next design we’ll complete. Data we spend hours poring over each day.
I’m the author of ‘The Web Design Business Kit’ – a book for web developers that has had sales in excess of $1 million in just over 12 months.
The background – my background isn’t in web development. I’m more of a marketing guy. And that, I firmly believe, is one of the main reasons why our web sites work – because we focus on how the site needs to be developed to get results.
What Do Our Credentials Mean For Our Clients?
It’s means we know what we’re doing when it comes to developing successful web sites. We know what to focus on. And we know how to get results. Real results.

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