“Why should we pick you to develop our web site?” Part 2

by Brendon on July 14, 2005

This next thing we have always seems to create some controversy when I suggest all web developers should have one. They often just don’t see the need.
We guarantee our work 100%.
If you, as our client, don’t think we’ve provided you with great value and done exactly what we said we’d do then their is no charge. Simple as that.
As our client you need to know that we do what we say. That we’ll do the job and that their is absolutely no risk to you.
I figure that if we don’t guarantee our work then what we’re really saying is “Well, we may or may not do what we say.” And that’s not good enough.
Other Web Developers
When I suggest the use of a guarantee to other web developers the general thinking is “What if the client doesn’t like the design, etc?”
That’s not relevant.
The development of a web site needs to be a consultative approach in that the web developer should liaise with their client to ensure the web site meets their needs and wants (of course most clients understand that the web developer has more expertise at web development and is someone worth listening to).
What generally happens with our clients is we talk at length about what the web site and provide our recommendations and adjustment suggestion to what our clients specify.
For example if a client wants to have a huge photograph on the home page we might advise against that on the grounds that the load time (how long the web site takes to load onto someone’s screen) might be too long. And we’d back our recommendation up with relevant research.
Stay tuned for the next Point of Difference: Diversity.

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