It’s Not What You Think

by Brendon on July 10, 2005

Hello. Hope you had a good weekend.
I’ve copped a bit of flak recently over parts of a newsletter I write for SitePoint.
I wrote in the previous edition about 2 things that have stirred a bit of controversy.
1. Issue 1: I wrote that pop ups on web site aren’t actually bad in themselves. I said that, done right, pop ups can be a useful part of visiting a web site.
2. Issue 2: I mentioned the excellent blog of GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons. Some readers took exception to me praising Bob’s blog and/or company on the basis of some controversial ads GoDaddy ran at the Super Bowl.
Broader Issue
The broader issue here is about marketing.
The marketing strategy employed by GoDaddy in respect to the Super Bowl Ads was one of the most brilliant awareness campaigns I’ve seen.
Pop ups on web sites keep getting used because they work.
An important aspect as a marketer is to set aside your personal preferences and, within reason, assess the suitability for your target market of your advertising strategies.
It’s Not What You Think
It’s not what you think, it’s how your advertising and marketing will affect your target market.
* Just because you might find that ads offensive doesn’t mean others will.
* Just because you hate pop ups doesn’t mean others do.
* Just because you might not find something interesting doesn’t mean others will.
Keep that in mind when you develop your marketing strategy – whether that be online or off.

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