“Why should we pick you to develop our web site?” Part 3

by Brendon on July 16, 2005

I’ve mentioned Experience, Credentials & Guarantee already as the aspects that set us apart. But I think the biggie is this next one:
By that I very simply mean this: We aren’t the cheapest but we do provide fantastic value for money.
I always think examples are a little dull, but here goes anyway:
* We had an old client with whom we’d worked with for years.
* He sold his business and started up again with a business partner.
* The business partner had been working in the business for 2 years and in that time had made 1 $400 sale from the web site.
* My old client had us come in and redevelop the web site.
* $5,000 & one month later we were finished.
* The next month the web site had $68,000 in sales.
* The month after that it was $80,000.
* The month after that is was $100,000.
That’s value.
Engaging the services of the cheapest web developers can be a false economy. Make sure you don’t skimp on the important things. And a web site can be an “important thing” for your business.
Remember, always look at the value not the cost.
Not Expensive
Having said that we’re not expensive at all.
We’ve worked hard to keep our overheads down – what that means for you is a web development firm that is often 25% less expensive than a firm working out of a fancy address (our office is located above a Pizza place and a Cafe – that’s not too fancy!).
We prefer to spend our hard-earned on better equipment so we can make ourselves better and more efficient.
Global Market
And of course our market in global. It’s just the same for us to work with a client in New York (as we do) as it is to work with a client next door (he’s in the next street across actually). So we have that flexibity through investing in our processes and our equipment and that’s a good thing.

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