You have a choice (and so do I)

by Brendon on April 6, 2005

I thought about this over the weekend after responding to a couple of people who emailed me to criticise an article I had written. I get a lot of feedback about the articles (and my book) – most good, the occassional bad.
I like receiving both because, if it’s constructive criticism, it helps to identify how I could write a bit better.
But 2 emails I received on Friday were just a couple of people having a complain about not much and then doing a bit of name calling. I spent probably 1/2 hour writing back and explaining my position.
But I won’t be doing that again. These people weren’t genuine in their criticism. They were insulting, boorish and immature.
I wasted 1/2 hour responding to these 2. That’s 1/2 hour less at the beach or at the pool or at golf or with my family or reading a book or responding to other emails.
I realised on Saturday that I have a choice. I could repsond to these aggressive emails, or I could hit the ‘Delete’ button.
Sure, there will be a consequence for hitting ‘Delete’. I’ll list them:
1. I’ll have extra time during my day
I really can’t think of any more!
We can all choose to deal with negative, boorish people. Or we can choose not to.
We all make choices that impact on every part of our life every single day.
Where have your choices gotten you so far.
Where will your choices take you in the future?

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