Why you should never go to networking functions

by Brendon on June 10, 2005

Howdy. I’ve been to a few networking functions in my time and have found them to be, most of the time, a complete waste of my time and money.
You see, what happens at networking functions is people go to networking functions to, meet others, hook up new business contacts and the like.
Everyone is trying to sell something – and that’s not a great way to be meeting people.
I played golf today
I played golf today with some clients and a friend of theirs. The friend is looking to get into the same business as my clients.
The friend had quite a relaxed chat about everything under the sun. Once or twice he asked for some ideas on how to market his business.
That’s the best networking right there – meeting a person in an environment that is social and relaxed. (With the added advantage of having my clients there as basically a wonderful indepednet endorsement that I know what I’m talking about).
That’s effective networking…………………..as well as a great excuse to play golf.
Have a good weekend.

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