When others erode client’s confidence

by Brendon on March 29, 2005

We had an interesting one with a client today. Jo is developing a very sophisticated databased site for a new client. Part of the process was to have the client sign up with an external provider of a secure internet channel (Verisign).
Within hours of signing up the client had received an email and a telephone call offering part of the very same service we were providing at about half the price – and this from the exact same provider we were using (and had recommended) to the client. Our client was confused and dismayed with us.
After all, there was now doubt in our commitment to provide the client the best solution at a fair price.
After talking with the client for an hour, and having the Verisign rep call them as well, Jo was able to establish for the client the fact that the solution offered by the company would not meet their needs.
Because the ‘security’ company didn’t know exactly what the client wanted, they had offered a solution as a start to generate the very well qualified lead. But all that happened was the client became confused (and fair enough too).
Trust is the most crucial part of our relationships with our clients. If that’s lost, then so is the client.
Do everything you can to build trust with your clients. It’s well worth it.
Trust me!

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