Personalise, personalise, personalise

by Brendon on March 29, 2005

Let me run this past you…….
As consumers, we all love personal service. We like knowing the people we deal with.
I think I’ve spotted a bit where a lot of businesses miss an opportunity. They don’t personalise their business.
Many people don’t trust businesses (perceived risk is a huge barrier to buying) – if you can personalise your business, your customers ‘know’ you and you’ll sell more. There’s less perceived risk for them.
This web site is pretty personal
You might notice that this web site is pretty personal. Quite a few posts mention my lovely wife Mel. A post on ‘the latest’ today mentioned my 2 sons – Jack and Harrison (I also have a daughter, Laura).
And I sometimes talk about what I’m doing, the fact that my wife gave me a hot chocolate drink with 3 marshmallows yesterday (mmmmmmmmmmmmm), etc.
The effect has been very interesting. I receive a lot of emails from people who read the site and really enjoy the laid back and personal approach. Much different feedback than if it was a typical boring business web site.
The personalisation of your business could have the same effect – people get to know you and like you (I hope you guys like me!). And that’s not only good for business, but a nice thing to do.

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