Waiting for the final 0.5% of the content

by Brendon on March 27, 2006

This is always a good one that clients try and do to slow down the completion of a job so they have more time to get the money together to pay.
You’ve done everything on the site, it’s complete.
But wait……the client has one last look and decides he needs to add content to a page. They’ll send it through “shortly”.
2 weeks later your still waiting. You can’t send the invoice until the job is done.
You email and call. It will be there “shortly”.
It’s a tough one. As the developer you want the site up and going for a couple of reasons:
1. So it can strart doing some good for the client
2. So you can invoice tyhe client and get your money
The only lesson here is never put up a site live until you have money. If the site is up live there is no hurry for the client to pay you. You need to give them an incentive!

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