Getting The Most From Proposals

by Brendon on March 27, 2006

I’ve just been going through a filing cabinet looking for something and happened across a list from the last month on leads that came into the office, that we followed up and then ultimately nothing happened.
A common theme among the leads is that I gave plenty of free advice on the phone and via email and then followed up with a quote. After the quote I followed up with a phone call (small jobs, intertsate clients).
In 3 out of 4 cases the person never got back to me at all.
Leads me to 2 conclusions:
1. When you give free advice people start to devalue what you offer
2. Small interstate jobs are unlikely to come through because there is no personal contact (that’s not true when I’m dealing with web savvy people)
So the question is: do we not deal with small interstate based jobs?
The answer to that is probably, “No, what we have to do is identify where we’re going wrong with our processes from the time we take the call and see if we can’t improve them.”

No good dismissing a potentially large market from our services.

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