This Is How Business Works

by Brendon on May 12, 2005

One client can make a big, big difference. Here’s a very simple example that Anthony and I were discussing today.
A few weeks back we picked up a client for a $80 job. We installed a statistics package onto his web site. And that was it.
What’s happened from there has been this:
* We’ve since completed $1,200 work on his site
* We’ll be completing another $1,000 work in a week or 2
* He’s referred us a client (a friend of his) who is having $3,500 worth of work done
* Both clients have signed up for ongoing web management – $300 per month
That’s well over $9,000 worth of work from a simple $80 job.
If you’re struggling along trying to get 1 client, don’t lose heart.
That 1 client may be all you need to kickstart your business.
Recognise the value that a client can provide and treat them like the very important person they are. Good luck.

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