The Only Thing That Matters Is Happy Customers

by Brendon on August 25, 2007

We launched a management rights site today for a lovely fellow called Jake Clarke. Jake’s a legend in the business and the most genuine fellow you’ll ever meet.
He absolutely loves management rights and is a true expert in them.
We also starting doing a little work on Jennifer’s saving money site. I love sites like Jennifer’s where she has put a tremendous amount of effort into the site.
We also launched a brain exercise site called Brain Life Trust, as well as a pretty simple New Zealand house architect site.
That’s 4 sites finished and launched today.
Every single client came to us from referrals from happy clients. Every single one.
And very important, every single one of these clients has been delightful to work with.
Referrals Matter
Taking great care of your current customers is the best marketing you can do. Doing that alone will generate you more and more business each and every day.

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