Speaking To Business Groups

by Brendon on October 27, 2005

I spoke to 120 people yesterday over 2 sessions about marketing and developing a web site that works.
As I’ve mentioned before public speaking is an excellent way to generate business, as well as provide some quality information to people.
For the delegates (people with a home based business) I spent an hour putting together a resource page they could refer to after the speech. There is a huge amount of free information for them. They know about this page because:
1. I mentioned at the start and the end of each speech
2. They received a handout with the web site page address and details
3. They received an email with the link from the seminar organiser
The feedback from the speeches was terrific and I’ve received quite a few emails today from people thanking me for the speech.
But only 1 person has viewed the page I set up. Just 1 out of 120.
Which kind of tells me the speech eitrher wasn’t good or that the speech wasn’t relevant to the audience.
Always Measure!
Always measure the effect of what you do. It’s basic marketing – I’ll keep checking how many people view the site and I’ll review a survey we’ve set up and I’ll spoeak with the esminar organisers for their feedback.
It’s only by reviewing the quantitive and qualitative factors of what we that helps us to improve our marketing.

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