Singer Robbie Williams shows you why you should charge a decent price

by Brendon on March 31, 2005

I quite enjoy the music of Robbie Williams, the English singer. And Robbie himself seems like quite an interesting character!
I saw him interviewed by the brilliant Michael Parkinson one Saturday evening and it was brilliant stuff. Michael asked Robbie about his well documented battles with alcohol and drugs.
Robbie answered with something like this:
“What I do comes so easily to me that I simply cannot truly believe that people think it’s so brilliant. I don’t see it as anything worthwhile, so I cannot see what is all the fuss about, or why people pay me millions of dollars to do it. I drank and took drugs so that I would fail and prove myself right. Prove that I wasn’t really worthy of all this adulation.”
And who would have thought that anything Robbie Williams would say would be relevant in marketing your business??!
Do you undervalue your skills?
* A friend who is an Orthodonist once told me he feels a little guilty charging for his work as it’s just so easy (he trained for close on 10 years to be as expert as he is!)
* I do marketing things all day long and find it mostly very easy. It’s almost intuitive for me these days.
* The wonderful woman who does most of our programming work can do things in 5 minutes that would take most people an hour to do – and she finds it an absolute breeze.
Just because doing what you and I do is easy to us, doesn’t mean it’s easy.
Don’t undervalue the skills required for the service or products you provide
It may have taken years of experience, hours and hours and hours of study or plenty of training to get as good as you are. Charge a good price for you to make a good profit and grow your business.

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