People who care don’t matter and the people who matter don’t care

by Brendon on April 11, 2005

We are currently completing a marketing strategy of sending out a two- (2) piece mail campaign (day 1 is an introduction letter, day 5 is a promotional card, day 9 is a telephone call) to see if we can generate some new business.
The phone call is the tricky part. Make no mistake, it is hard to ring up someone that you don’t know and sell your services.
But think of it the way we do. Be relaxed. We’re ringing someone to say “Howdy, did you receive our letter and card? We do web development, could we come on in and have a chat about the services we provide?”
That’s not exactly the script, but it’s not hard sell and it’s not high pressure.
We come across the occassional person who isn’t pleased to receive the call. Not pleased at all. But that’s okay. If they are rude or aggressive then they are not the sort of people we’d want to deal with. No problem there. Take them off your list.
Cold calling is hard work
Cold calling is untargeted. It is hard work. And it has a low success rate. But it can get you new clients.
Don’t try and sell over the phone – just make the person aware of your product or service and try and get either a meeting or a request for further information.
By doing that you won’t find the calls so intimidating. And you’ll therefore make more. And be more successful.

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