No More Clients

by Brendon on August 30, 2005

I’ve spoken before about increased sales on one of our web shops when we put on the site “Sold Out. New orders will not be filled for 4 weeks.”
This had the effect of actually increasing orders.
I spoke with a colleague last week who had a similar experience with her web design business – if she said “I can’t take on any more clients” her enquiry and sales rate went up.
Potential clients were happy to wait. Her perceived value went up.
We’re not far away from not taking on any more new clients. I’m just waiting on 1 more site to confirm and then we’ll have more than enough work for quite a few months. We don’t want to get too busy – what happens then is our quality can be compromised and our reputation suffers.
Grow The Business Slowly
I’d much rather grow the business slowly than grow it too fast and damage our reputation.
And not taking on any more clients for a while will allow us to sit back and strategically work on the business. That will allow us to develop the plans and actions to takle full effect of our skills and get us into the best possible position for the future.

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