Measuring what works – blue or orange??

by Brendon on May 27, 2005

Howdy. We have been doing a direct mail campaign for the business over the past week or so. We have sent out a letter with a flyer. 200 blue flyers. 200 orange flyers.
It’s important to measure any marketing and we’ve kept a close eye on what works best – blue or orange. So far the blue flyer is thrashing the orange flyer in terms of response.
What that means is that next time we’ll use the blue flyer.
But wait………..there’s more!
There are numerous variables in a direct mail campaign:
1. The creative
2. The offer
3. The list (i.e. who you send it to)
4. The response devices
Out of those, the offer and the list are the 2 most important aspects in our experience. How do I know that?
Well, make an incredible offer and people will take it up.
Make a great offer to the right people and you’ll get a terrific response.
With any form of marketing it’s important to keep measuring and comparing to ascertain what gives you the best results. It easy, it’s simple and it works.

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