Marketing………Or Stalking

by Brendon on August 23, 2005

Hi. I’ve just been reading a leading marketers’ blog and he advocates writing a letter a day for 3 days and then following up with a phone call.
That’s doesn’t seem like marketing to me. Sounds like stalking!
Seriously, any marketing you do has to be something you’re comfortable with.
* I wouldn’t be comfortable writing a letter a day for 3 days to a prospect – so I wouldn’t do it.
* I wouldn’t be comfortable walking around dressed in a gorilla suit to promote this business – so I wouldn’t do it.
Positioning Is Important Too
And not only do you have to feel comfortable with your marketing, your marketing also has to be consistent with your brand.
For example, if you are branding yourself as a well-recognised and respected web developer then it’s not going to be appropriate to do your marketing with a loud hailer from the back of a moving truck.

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