Keep In Touch Even When You Don’t Win The Job

by Brendon on April 3, 2006

One thing we try and do in our business is be a little different from our competitors.
One of the ways we do this is by keeping in contact with prospects when we don’t win the job. Because people move on in jobs, things change and things don’t always work out.
A good example is a web site development job we bid on in August of last year. The marketing manager we were dealing with ended up telling us he’d decided to employ a web developer in house to revamp their web site.
Over the past 5-6 months I’ve checked the company web site regularly to take a look at the changes. None have been made.
On Friday I called up the Marketing Manager to see if we could help or if he’d like us to revisit our proposal.
“He Doesn’t Work Here Any More
When I asked for him the Receptionist said, “He doesn’t work here any more.”
So what that would mean is that the new person in the job may be receptive to us calling on him (we’ve emailed him to see if we can help and will follow that up with a phone call today). He may be working through issues left over from the guy he replaced and have not gotten around to the web site as yet.
So the moral of the story is to keep in contact. Things changes. People move jobs. Opportunities present.
Just because someone says “No” doesn’t mean you should stop contacting them. All a “No” means is that your proposal doesn’t meet their needs right at the moment.

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