It Gets Easier

by Brendon on August 11, 2006

Business really does. I’ve been in my own business for about 9 years now.
And it gets easier.
We’ve all read the stats that 95% of businesses fail within 5 years. It’s a big stat.
What I’ve found is that we have more than enough business now from current clients – that is, for example, like today.
Today I took 3 calls from current clients wanting either new web sites or referring me to friends.
And it’s a bloody lot eaiser when people are ringing you saying “Let’s do a new web site” than if you ring people you don’t know saying “You should have a web site.”
You don’t get that when you’re starting out. And that’s why, as a web developer, it damn tough.
But hang in there. Learn what you can. Keep selling, selling, selling.
Build a client base and you build a business.

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