Get Some Credibility

by Brendon on August 15, 2006

One of the big factors that people assess before they buy any product or service is the perception of risk. That’s why it is so important to back up what you say with testimonials.
I walked into a bookstore last week and staring back at me from the shelf was a guy whose speaking career I’d managed a few years ago (I’ve managed a few speakers in the past, so that won’t give it away.).

Anyway, I soon parted company with this guy as he had nothing. No story, no achievement, no nothing.
His entire act was just that. An act.

Listen to him for long enough and you realise he’s just a guy with absolutely no skills and no achievements putting himself in the marketplace as a high achiever and highly respected businessman.

Neither was true. Granted, he was a good speaker. But he spoke BS.

He’d achieved almost nothing in business.

Geeez, I get fired up!

Anyway, there he is staring back at me from this shelf. This so called “Hugely successful author with over 2 million books sold” (he self-published and he gave away a good % of those in his speeches to multi-level marketing business, schools, etc).

There was also something about “high achiever”. Wrong again.

I Should Get To The Point

I should get to the point!

Here it is. It really opened my eyes that a lot of these self-professed experts aren’t any such thing.

There needs to be some accountability before they can make these claims before you and me hand over our hard-earned cash.

I, for one, am sick of these BS artists who spin a yarn to the absolute limit.


Brendon The Angry Man!

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