Different Reasons For Calling Us

by Brendon on May 4, 2006

Yesterday I had a couple of calls from possible clients who found us in different ways and decided to call us for different reasons:
Caller 1: Found us in the Yellow Pages online. Decided to call us rather than competitors because most of our competitors have only a mobile/cell phone number as the contact.
That didn’t inspire confidence in this person.
So they called us.
Caller 2: Found us through a web search and liked our blog and articles. Was most impressed that not only do we design and market web sites for others, but that we also do it for ourselves.
Different Strokes For Different Folks
All of the above reasons are perfectly valid and show, I think, a very small snapshot of the different factors that come into marketing a web development firm.
Reduced Perception Of Risk
But all of the reasons boil down to this one factor – both guys perceived less risk in dealing with us. That’s what it is really about.

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