A Draft Pitch Letter You Might Like To Use

by Brendon on May 8, 2006

Managing Pay Per Click advertising campaigns can be lucrative work for web developers. Here is a letter we have used previously.
Dear Name
My name is Brendon Sinclair and I amd the Executive Director of Tailored Consulting, one of Queenslands leading Pay Per Click (such as Google Adwords) experts. I am writing to see if you you would be interested in more targeted visitors to your web site, a wider market reach and a better return on your web site investment.
Per Per Click advertising is growing tremendously fast because of 1 simple fact – it works. You get people who are actively searching for your product or service at that precise moment to click on your ad and visit your web site. Simple and very, very effective.
I have just returned from Londo where I held meetings with one of the biggest Pay Per Click advertisers in the world. My friend spends $41 million per annum on Pay Per Click advertising and the secrets and knowlegde I gained was amazing.
By engaging us as your Pay Per Click advertising manager you get access to that knowledge. We charge a simple 15% fee on your advertising spend – that is, if you spend $2,000 on Pay Per Click advertising we charge you just $300 for the month for managing the advertising (there is also a small initial set up fee – a one off).
We believe it is fantastic value for the benefits we provide. For example, we will almost certainly save you our fee and more by using our expertise to get the cheapest pay per click ads.
If you would like to have a chat about Tailored managing your Pay Per Click advertising for best results, then we would love you hear from you on 07 5598 4898.
Yours sincerely
Brendon Sinclair
Feel free to adapt that letter for your own use.

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