Why My Hard Copy Newsletter Gets Better Results Than My Email Newsletter

by Brendon on September 25, 2005

(I’ve just posted this on my Tailored Consulting web site but thought it would make more sense here.)
In the last issue of the SitePoint Tribune (that’s the newsletter I write for SitePoint) I wrote about the hard copy newsletter I write for clients of Tailored Consulting. This newsletter works wonders for us in generating new business – this is what I wrote:

“Well, firstly I think people are far more likely to read printed material because they don’t receive a lot of it. I’m sure I’m like a lot of people: I get so many emails that any message would have to be darn good to be read amongst all the clutter.
I also feel that, because a hard copy newsletter is a tangible and ‘real’ thing, people are reluctant to toss it out. ‘If it’s printed it must be worth reading,’ seems to be the thinking.”

The other reason more people buy from the hard copy newsletter is because they already know us personally and have often bought from us before.
I’ve had a few people email and ask what the hard copy newsletter is about. I’ve converted it into a pdf file – it’s here (it’s just 89 kb).
Why It’s Formatted Like That
By the way, it is formatted like it is because we simply print it in black into our colurful newsletter ‘shell’ – saves us hundreds of dollars in printing costs and we get very professional looking newsletter.
Read here for more details on how we do that.
Hope that is of some interest.

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