# 5 In The World

by Brendon on September 25, 2005

In the case I detailed below this has been the follow up.
On Wednesday afternoon I quickly optimised a page for this company’s most desired key word. Others had worked on their site and gotten nowhere over the past couple of years.
48 hours after I uploaded the optimised page the page is # 5 on Google.com. I emailed the prospect to let him know.
Here’s The Math
The site would generate probably 8 leads a day (based on a whole lot of information I’ve gathered) if they have good search engine rankings. They should close at least 1 sale a day.
Average sale is $3,000.
So with some decent search engine optimisation this site can generate an additional $1 million in revenue for the company. At present it generates approximately $6,000 a year.
Let’s see what happens from here.

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