Speaking To Get New Business

by Brendon on March 14, 2005

It’s been my experience that public speaking generates new customers better than just about anything.
There’s a range of reasons for that, but mostly it’s down to 2 factors:
1. You are getting yourself known to your target market
2. You are perceived as an expert when you speak publicly on a topic (unless you’re the worst speaker ever)
Immediate Credibility
If your speech is good you’ll immediately establish credibility with your target market.
The personal nature of a speech also puts you in immediate contact with your market – to meet you they don’t have to make a call, write a letter or send an email. The person simply has to come up to you at the end and say hello.
And it’s that face-to-face meeting that’s important. Now you’re just not another web designer/developer but a real live person who they (hopefully) like and trust.
Speech Tonight
I’m giving a speech tonight to a business group.
The speech came about because I approached them and asked them if they’d like me to speak on Internet business.
My speech is specifically structured to be informative and entertaining.
Importantly the speech is structured very, very carefully to position me as an expert with loads of credibility. Every single part of the speech has been developed to perform a particular function.
1. Funny and self-deprecating
2. Demonstrate web expertise via a Case Study
3. Demonstrate industry credibility
4. Demonstrate experience
5. Demonstrate out-of-box thinking that create a success
6. Draw attention to the usual problems
7. Lead towards the solution
8. Offer proof of the solutions
9. Lead them towards how they can get the same result
10. Show how they can get the desired result
Information Available
At the end of the speech I’ll have handouts for the audience, a list of resources they can request, information about us and what we do and a link to a feedback survey they can take.
From all of that I’d guess we’ll generate 2-4 strong leads and will pick up 2-3 sales (web site jobs).
We’ll then use the testimonial I’ll be provided to generate additional speaking jobs within the same industry (and beyond).
Public speaking works at generating new clients better than just about any technique I’ve ever used. Is it something you can do too?

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