I’m Trying A New Tack With These Posts

by Brendon on July 12, 2006

I have a client.
She had a web site.
It had not made 1 sale in 1 year. Not 1.
She agreed to a redesign with new copy.
She agreed to our well-thought-out web marketing strategy.
We did the redesign. She signed off on it the whole way.
1 hour before we launched the site she rang me.
She’d changed her mind.
She didn’t like the redesign.
She preferred her ‘old’ site.
She want us to put that back up.
After wasting a couple of weeks trying to get the site different enough so she liked it enough to launch, I’d had enough.
“Try our site for 3 months. If it doesn’t work I’ll give you your money back and redo the site like the old one,” I said.
I promised her 2 sales a day by the end of 3 months. She thought I was way too optimistic.
We put the new design up (with all new copy).
We implemented our web marketing plan.
Today was 3 months after the launch.
Today she had 21 sales.
Those 21 sales today made her twice what I charged her for the new web site.
And I Thought It Was Her
All along I thought she was the moron.
When actually I think it’s me.

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